About Us

It’s simple really, we’re just two guys who are a little (ok, very) obsessed with darts! We feel like we were born with a set of darts in our hands! When a hobby becomes your job, surely you’re living the dream right?

As local lads playing in teams weekly, the idea started when we were all seeing and hearing the same from our fellow players:

‘My games dipping, I feel like I need a change of darts, maybe it’s the weight? I just wish I could try a few sets somewhere instead of taking a chance online’.

What a waste of your hard-earned beer money to spend it on a set of darts that don’t suit you.

Then ping….The Darts Shack was born!!!!

Try before you buy as well as the option to buy online.
We all feel that buying darts should be more of an experience than just simply picking off the shelf. Between the two of us, we like to think we know a thing or two about the game! Heck, one of us even beat the legend Rob Cross way back before he went on to win the final! (We won’t mention that we taught him everything he knows).

Like a fine wine, these things take time…so take the time, visit the Shack and game on!


About Dart Shack team